Carpet Repair and Re-Installation Online Certification $399.00

Live Online School Dates For 2024

Student will recieve a materials and tools list to aquire prior to class for hands on and Instructor review.


Ron Toney School of Surface Technology Ron 209-610-7008 7:00am - 12:00pm

Online Certifications  IICRC Approved

Technicians may register for the test online using the website here.

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 Students will have 45 days to complete the exam from the last date of the course

Students will receive a manual and invitation to join Class by email two days prior to course.




Maintain the 30 Degree Angle on the Whole Cut


           Keep the handle parallel

           to the surface you are cutting

           and maintain an even (determined)

           cutting speed. (not too fast or too slow)






      Edge, Angle and Speed


          When all three are right

           the cut edge will be

           smooth and  undistorted.









 In this microscopic view, you can see that

  the carpet fibers are cleanly cut

 with little distortion of the adhesive.






    Photographs by Ron Toney All rights reserved.