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Oriental Rug Cleaning School

The Auserehlian Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialist School

6 day course

Learn World Class Rug Cleaning.  This totally new system is designed for oriental rugs and other fine fabrics, providing a method that is Safe, Thorough and Lucrative for the professional cleaner. The essence of this system is an educational program, hands-on training and the necessary equipment to utilize aerodynamics to safely and thoroughly remove harmful dirt in a profitable business venture.  This course produces a thorough understanding of cleaning challenges and techniques as well as familiarity with oriental rug construction, dyes and identification. Ron Toney and Phil Auserehl are deluxe hosts who do everything possible to make students feel at home and comfortable during their Auserehlian experience including meals, refreshments and entertainment. The Course includes:RUG ID FOR THE CLEANERS.....classroom training .
Chapter 1 
rug information summary-conditions
rug evaluation summary-conditions 
stains vs. soils
problems:construction; fibers; dyes; soils .
Chapter 2 FIBER ID . Chapter 3 Construction Weaves and Looms . Chapter 4 Classifications/origins . Chapter 5 Pre-inspection . Chapter 6 Pricing and process Guarantee . Chapter 7 Invoice/contract Fine print . Chapter 8 Rug cleaning situations= 8 types . Chapter 9 Overview of the facts

The Cleaning Sciences of Oriental Rugs & Stain Removal
The Sciences of Auserehlian that have been so successful will be examined (drilled) for a complete understanding of the cleaning concepts. Learn a system of Spot and Removal and stain treatment the will eliminate any need for a "chart". Have the confidence of really knowing what to. 

This course addresses Natural and synthetic dyes, dye methods and a system of chemical use that will take the guesswork out of stain removal. Other topics covered include the physics of cleaning including boundary layer and air entrainment also  color related cleaning issues such as fading, color loss due to contamination or bleaching, and the use of cleaning agents that may affect or remove color from carpet and have the opportunity to join the Fiber Safe program for all rug fibers. The Proscess Hands On Training of every aspect of the cleaning system From Plant setup to cleanup.

The cost of this six day school is $3000.00 including a $500 deposite to reserve you seat only 8 seats are open for this school.






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