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Dyeing spot on Oriental rug

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Dyeing Silk with Air Brush

Color and Dyeing


Master Dyeing Class

for Color Correction and Fugitve Dye Removal

This three day class is great beginners and existing rug cleaners and dye technicians who want to take their SKILLS TO A HIGHER LEVEL. The course to be presented at Castle Cleaning & Oriental Rug Co. llc; 565 3rd St. Berthoud, Colorado 80513. There are only 6 seats available for next course on October 10, 11&12 2018.  Students will receive their own spot dyeing kit with three types of dyes, airbrush and compressor to dye all type of fibers. We don't sell dye equipment or dyes. Students will have the opportunity to take the PRE-COURSE ONLINE (by their schedule) that will cover the technical and practical materials before coming to live class.

Ron Toney started dyeing carpets in 1975 working for Berven Rug Mills in their vari-dye, gum-tact-resist and beck dye departments. Ron has dyed thousands and thousands of yards of carpet of all styles. But DYEING CARPET ONLOCATION was not by choice but of necessity because of blame (unfair) for a color loss spot. He was approved to teach the Color Repair Technician course in 1989 by the IICRC. Using airbrushes he developed the MINUS YELLOW METHOD of color mixing for their use. The student will learn to mix any target color without use of any device (and faster) by employing a variation of Newtonian color theory and Ron's learning system or your MONEY BACK. The school will cover the relevant types of dyes and mordants used in textiles. This would enable dyeing at a conservator level of color preservation of investment textiles. Graduates will receive a certificate of Master of Color Corrections from Auserehlian & Company for Color Application and Fugitive Dye Removal

Learn from the industry’s leader in cleaning sciences, fine fabric cleaning and rug color correction, Ron will teach the What to do, Why you do it and How dyeing really works on natural and fibers. MASTER THE SKILL OF COLOR MIXING. Classroom lectures sections and demonstrations of each dyeing axiom. 
This course addresses the history of color, color theory, natural and synthetic dyes, dye methods, types of dyes and mordents, types of fibers, carpet styles and dye procedures. Other topics covered include SIDE MATCH correction, color related cleaning issues such as fading, color loss due to contamination, cleaning agents or bleaching. Practice "Strip Wash"
the art brighning color and whiter whites without bleach using reduciton. Total for School and Kit $1499.00

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Those successfully completing this course and have CCT or CMT Certification may take the CRT examination to qualify for certification. A separate check and application to IICRC is required, payable at the class. 

April 15,16&17 2019 Master Dyeing Class

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Auserehlian Oriental Rug Specialist School

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