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Color Correction School Three Day Agenda

Day One   Color

Dyes  What Are They?

  1. True solution and emulations
  2. Mordents and their use
  3. The processes of Dyeing
  4. Cautions and Concerns

The Fibers  How They Dye Differently

  1. Difference in physical dye acceptance
  2. Appropriate mordent for fiber type
  3. Preparation for dyeing 
  4. Cautions and concerns

The Textile  Where The Dye Needs To GO

  1. Construction variance for dye application
  2. Flat and napped goods
  3. Separation of Colors

The Color  Who Can See the Color

  1. Color perception and dyes
  2. Principles of mixing colors
  3. Primary added mixing
  4. Minus yellow mixing
  5. The rule of complimentary colors                      

Day Two Adding and Removing Colors

The Application of Dyes

  1. Tools of application
  2. The airbrush and how to use it.
  3. Techniques of dye application and color separation

Redox   How Colors Disappear

  1. Chemistry of the redox effect
  2. Chemicals used
  3. Reaction rate calculation

Process  What to Use

  1. Tools Used
  2. Techniques of application, acceleration and neutralization and removal

Day Three Put It All Together

The Practice Using Skill Building Exorcises
Adding and Removing Color

  1. Reaching target color efficiently (at this level a phone aid would be way too slow)
  2. Batching spitting to save time
  3. Use Newtonian principles to easily achieve 22 colors
  4. Airbrush techniques and exorcises skilled application
  5. Use of “live” steamer
  6. Experiments with reducing agents and bleach to achieve control over the redox effect.
  7. Strip Washing
  8. Dyeing cellulosic fibers and make a custom T shirt.
  9. Carpet tools will be available for the student to make, carve and dye a small rug.

The Market  Make Jobs Appear.

  1. Star pricing requires being a Star
  2. Colorful marketing Strategies

Presentation of Certificates and Picture


Oriental Rug Master Schools in April

I. Cleaning Sciences of Oriental Rugs and Stain Removal for Master of Oriental Rug Cleaning Science

September 21

II. Master Dyeing School for Oriental Rug Color Correction and Fugitive Dye Removal

September 22, 23&24

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