Live online Carept Cleaning Technician Certification Course $399.00





  • Students should go to the IICRC - This link will include all information pertaining to taking the exam online with Proctor Free.
  • Proctor Free requires a computer, microphone, webcam and internet. Full technical requirements may be found here:
  • Students must also have a valid government issued photo ID for exam access.
  • Students will have 45 days to complete the exam from the last date of the course.
  • Proctor Free online exams are single access only. Students cannot log out and then log back in.
  • Proctor Free only allows for answering test questions in sequential order. Students cannot go back and change a previously submitted answer, but they can view a previously submitted answer.
  • Customer support for Proctor Free:

Online Certifications  IICRC Approved
Students will receive a manual and invitation to join Class by email two days prior to course.


Live Online School Dates

CCT May 3-5 Ron Toney
UFT  May 10-12 Ron Toney
RRT May 17-19 Ron Toney
WRT May 24-27 Ron Toney
CCT June 7-9 Ron Toney
UFT  June 14-16 Ron Toney
RRT Juine 21-23 Ron Toney
WRT June 28-July 1 Ron Toney